Open Door Scotland exists to support young people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless for a variety of reasons, e.g. family breakdown, social, practical, behavioural and emotional problems.  Open Door Accommodation Project aims to:

  • support young people in the short term, working towards longer-term, sustainable independent living and improved life chances;

  • provide a flexible and innovative service to the population of youth homelessness; actively promote, encourage and highlight the needs of young homeless people and work in partnership with our funders and community towards addressing any needs identified;

  • provide an environment that supports and encourages freedom of choice and promotes the learning process towards sustainable, independent living.

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For general enquiries please contact us on 01506 430221 

or you can e-mail us:

If you are about to become homeless or are currently experiencing homelessness contact West Lothian council on 01506 280 000 or visit your local council office to inform the council of your situation. They will take the appropriate steps to place you in a safe and secure location with temporary accommodation.