We have been successfully awarded extended funding from the Robertson Trust to enable us to run the Student/Volunteer service for a further 2 years. The service has continued to grow and develop as a positive addition to Open Door services, by promoting volunteer opportunities for young people using our services, creating Volunteering opportunities within the Organisation for those in the community as a further route to employability and by improving our Student placement strategy to ensure we can offer good quality and meaningful placements to Social work Students.


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Young people participating in a variety of volunteering Opportunities with Open Door.




During the past year Young people have taken up Volunteer roles with National Trust for Scotland, River Kids, West Lothian Food bank, The Green Gym and Open Door Peer Education.  This has been a positive way for young people to spend their time constructively whilst gain experience and skills to boost their C.V.  504 volunteer hrs have been carried out by young people in the past year.




“I have enjoyed volunteering at River Kids with Audrey from Open Door.  I feel it has helped me a bit with my depression as it has got me out the house and helps with my anxiety with meeting new people and going to new places.” -  Stacey




“The National Trust was a good laugh, you could have a laugh while getting outside and helping tidy the environment” - Daryl








We have maintained good links with Universities and Practice Teachers which has been beneficial in helping us to review and improve our student placement strategy. This has included a more structured timetable for Observational Students with the Coordinator identifying a clearer line of responsibility in overseeing the workload to ensure that they get the opportunity to experience all 3 services. We have held 3 student groups and had 8 student placements across the year.